Due to the current situation of COVID 19; By Siebenaler offers you some stylish fabric masks, made out of cotton for the outer layer and Vlieseline for the inside layer.

The combination of both fabrics are making the mask lightweight and breathable, protection the people around you.

A metal wire is sewn inside the mask in the upper part, which you can adapt perfectly to your facial form. The mask is sewn with two darts over the nose and the chin so that’s adapting perfectly to your face, with enough space to breath and speak.

The mask can be machine washed at 60 degrees.    

This mask has the pattern “Glooming Jellyfish”, a zoomed leaf covered with raindrops is covered in wood. Aquarelle stains and in water disolved ink are forming  structures remining mushrooms and glooming  jellyfishs.


100 %  cotton for the outer layer

65% R-PES/ 35% CV (Vlieseline) for the inside layer

Size: 20cm * 16,5cm    

Elastic ribbon: 0,05cm * 45cm                                                                 


Made in Luxembourg                                                                                 



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