Each print tells its own unique story and begins as a detailed original drawing, painting or photography, where endless experiments in colour and composition lead to the finished product.
With an emphasis on exquisite and timeless design, a symbiosis between impressions, colors and fabrics, the products are intended to be treasured for a lifetime, and are made using the finest craftsmanship. Printed in limited editions on high quality materials in Italy and England, such as silk or cashmere, semi-natural fibers as modal mixed with cashmere or silk. Each collection is the transformation of inspiring things, hidden in our every day life to an extraordinary design. Especially nature is an exhaustless source of inspiration and incredible beauty.The designs are emphasising the importance of sustainable and original design, which doesn’t feed the fury of fast fashion. The designs do not go out of season, aiming to promote a lifestyle of living with less and buying clothes to last.
The prints should inspire you, bringing fantasy to a busy lifestyle, refresh your mind and spirit.