I graduated 2010 from the „Fachhochschule“ in Trier/ Germany with a final collection of mostly printed evening and wedding dresses. The fantasy and inspiration leading me during my diploma work, where also the beginning of my own label By Siebenaler. The desire to combine the artistic elements of painting and photography with fabrics. Making impressions, drawings, paintings and photographies wearable.

Growing up in „ la petite suisse luxembougeoise“, I’m a luxembourgish artist/ designer/ taylor. I gained a lot of experience during my stays in Germany ( Memode), Paris (Costantino&Ravaillac), Australia (Erasmus) and South Korea (Ji Haye for Yumi Katsura), where I worked as a modeliste, styliste and dressmaker.

In 2012 I launched my first collection of scarves with self designed prints and also got my „brevêt de maitrise“ as a taylor, here in Luxembourg. I continued working as a freelance modeliste for several companies for some years, making some bespoke wedding dresses alongside, I revisited my ideas with printed evening- & bridal wear. 2015 I finished my first printed bridal collection, including separates and the possibility to create a dress, which you can continue wearing after the big day.

The possibility to incorporate a print into a design, which is completely personal to the bride, ensuring the results are individual and special-each garment telling a different tale.

I own the label „MADE IN LUXEMBOURG“ for my realization of scarves and dresses proofing the use of local craftsmanship and high quality materials.

Creative steps

Let's meet and chat

Future brides are invited to my atelier and have a look inside the design process of their wedding day outfit. Inspired by the styles featured in the collection range, an existing print - or a completely new idea, new drawn pattern-designs are developed to the brides requirements and vision.

Which bride are you?

A first consultation takes place, where ideas are discussed and design and print ideas can be developed. The print can consist of anything from floral to something completely personal, the base can be drawn by hand or be a photography.. This allows each dress to be completely unique and personal to the bride.

Fitting room time!

A toile is then developed to the brides measurements, 3-5 fittings take place to ensure the pieces are the perfect fit for the wedding day. During the whole process designs can be optimized and adapted as they evolve, allowing the bride more freedom and so to truly be a part of the process, of their dress. Each dress is a part of the bride herself.

Dress coming soon...

To be relaxed, ideally at least 6 month are required for the journey of your wedding dress, but of course the time is also depending on the complexity of the design.

How much does it cost?

Prices are individually based on fabrics, the complexity of the design, the choice of laces, embroideries and prints. Prices start from 1200€, please get in touch to know which price your dress will have.

A European creation

All garments are designed and made in Luxembourg the digital printing is done in the UK and the fabrics, laces and embroideries are purchased mostly in France, Italy and the UK.